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X-Ray Equipment

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Polaroid Ray
Digital Sensors

Designed to provide sharp images, High Contrast resolution, patient comfort, and lasting durability.

Works with: Most Imaging Software’s

Polaroid DDS
Imaging Software

Compatible with a wide variety of hardware including the majority of manufactured conventional film, all digital imaging sensors, and phosphor plates.

Works with: Integrates with your existing practice management software. 

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Looking for X-Ray Generators?

Handheld Portable
X-Ray Generators

Highest technical specification among portable X-Ray devices. Designed with your safety in mind. Protecting the operator’s body, hand and other areas close to the device radiation exposure with our double shield protection.


Works with: All Digital Imaging Sensors, Conventional Film and Phosphor Plates.

Add Ons


Dress your X-Ray’s with essential accessories you need.

Works with: All Polaroid X-Ray’s

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