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Polaroid DDS

Rextar X Portable Handheld X-Ray Generator

Lightweight and Compact Design.


See it in action!


Point and Shoot.


2 Year Warranty.

The Polaroid X-Ray Generator is built to preform. Lightweight with a digital color screen and 4 simple programmable buttons.

Rextar X-Ray Generator

Designed with your safety in mind. Protecting the operator’s body, hand and other areas close to the device radiation exposure with our double shield protection.

Works with All Film, PSP Plates and Sensors


Smart Buttons

Four buttons to memorize your needs.  Set up the exposure values onto each button. If you have a typical patient type, categorize them into a specific button Adult/Child, and their type of teeth; upper or lower section of the mouth, Canine tooth or molar , etc.

Compact & Light

At just over 5lbs (including battery and scatter shield). Less fatiguing than Gun Style units.

Portable Handheld

Fast and easy to move from room to room. Great for elderly, or physically challenged patients as well as Mobile dentistry, Community outreach, or Mission trips.


Highest Level of Safety

Designed with yours and the patients safety in mind. Safety is ensured by internal double shielding, ensuring operators safety from the leakage radiation.

Clinical Excellence, Built-in Safety

Clear X-Ray images are obtained while decreasing the radiation dose.

Nearly half the exposure levels of other units. See for yourself, request a free copy of a published X-ray absorption White paper.*

Efficient Battery Capacity

More than 300 exposures in one battery charge.


Safe Exposure

400,000 exposures a year equals 20 mSv. The operator dose limit per year is 50mSv. Makingyour safety our priority. One time exposure is 0.00005mSV

Slim Retraction Head

With our slim head design, easily retract patient’s tongue and cheek to get a better image.

Registration Number K132041

Approved by international quality organization such as CE, KFDA, and FDA.

Focal Spot

Focal spot size is an important factor to get a clear image in any X-Ray. By using Toshiba D-041 tube, unit provides smaller focal spot (0.4 mm) and smaller divergence of X-Ray (12°). You will experience the most sharp and clear images.

Smaller focal spot with the smaller angle degree can provide the sharpest images whatever could be. Because smaller divergence angle of the X-ray beams make edges of the image on the detector more accurately. You can get higher contrast and density of dental X-ray image by using the focal spot 0.4 mm comparing with 0.8mm portable X-ray devices.

Tube Voltage

Tube voltage is the power of penetrating the bone. In the case of cheek bone, 70 kV could be the reason to cause unclear images as the tube power is not enough to penetrate.

Tube voltage is the power of penetrating the bone. Powerful voltage helps you obtain high-resolution X-ray image. The main advantage of powerful voltage is to eliminate blurred and unclear pictures.



Current is a flow of electric charge which means the quantity. In order to get a clear image, the power and current of the tube is and important factor.

Current is a flow of electric charge which means the quantity. In order to get a clear image, current of tube is also important factor. Moderate quantity of X-ray beams helps to capture the image more clearly.

Don’t Worry, We are Compatible

With all digital sensors as well as conventional film and phosphor plates.

* Request Free X-ray Dose white paper at [email protected]



Technical Specifications



The Rextar X Portable Handheld X-ray Generator contains the following:

Generator, Back­ Scatter Safety Shield, Long Cone, Neck-belt,
Hand Strap, Carrying Bag, Battery Charger, and USB flash drive with digital User manual,
User safety test, and Certificate of completed training.


Unit Specifications: 

Rextar X Handheld X-ray Generator Item # P01-101

Rextar X Replacement Battery Item # P01-201

Size: 146×155×139mm

Weight: 2 kg (Main Body+Built-in Battery)

Back-Scatter Shield: 12mm Thick, x 6″ Diameter

Long Cone: 140mm

Output Specification: 140 W

Device Power Source: 11.1 VDC (Battery)

Battery: Lithium-Ion Polymer

Frequency: 70kHz

X-Ray Exposure Time Range: 0.01 ~ 1.30 sec ( 43 Step )

Display: LCD Panel Display 
( 3.5 Inch, BTN LCD, 1/4Duty, 1/3BIAS )


Total Filtration:

Total Inherent Filtration: >1.5mm


Input Specifications:

Device Power Source: 19 VDC 3.16A

Charger Power: 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz 1.5A

X-Ray Tube:

Name: Toshiba D – 041

Tube kV/Ma= 70kV/2mA(fixed)

Voltage Range (Maximum Voltage): 50 ~ 70kV ( 77kV )

Focal Spot Size:  0.4 × 0.4mm

Input Electrical Power (Per Second) : 430W

Anode Heat Radiation Index: 4300J

Maximum Rate of Anode Heat Exhaustion : 100W


Warranty = 2-Yr Manufacturer’s Defect Warranty

Remote Support = Free Lifetime Support

Optional Rextar X 1-Year
Accidental Damage Coverage Item #P01-600

Live In-Office Training available in most regions.


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