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Apex Locator

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NEO – Wireless
Apex Locator

Accurate Technology With The Best Solution For Endodontic Treatment.


See it in action!


6 Easy to Use Attatchments Included.

Powerful features and a slick design to provide a highly accurate accuracy using 3 frequencies.


Healthcare providers can deliver the best care when they have powerful, intuitive tools. Our technology helps them work effectively within hospitals, connect remotely with patients, and conduct groundbreaking medical research.

Small and Compact

Slick touch screen design, with a compact size allowing you to be mobile and ready when needed. No need for bulky hard to use machines.

Various Attatchments

Attach the device on a stand, your apron, or a dental ruler that is included with your purchase.
(Now comes with a finger clip to avoid having to move your head back and forth during treatment.)

Touch OLED Screen

Not just a display, but the focal point of the whole experience, improve treatment productivity with our bright and clear OLED screen display.
(3 display programs available – For your conveniences.)

Calibration Made Simple

Calibrate the device by yourself with our calibration jig. Calibration ensures accuracy and eliminates the effect of changes in temperature, moiusture etc. inside the canal even during treatment.

W.L.S Mode

Adjustable working length for ease of use. W.L.S
(Working Length Select)

Select you’re convenience with working length setting, determine the root canal working length during root canal treatment.


Accurate Measurement

Using 3 frequencies for better results and the latest signal IC for the best possible measuring quality.


Auto On/Off

Device automatically turns off after 3 minutes if not in use. Conserve’s power in the long run.


Water Resistant

Ability to work in wet canals.

Six Various Accessories Included with every unit

Mobile Stand for a hands-free experience.

Finger Ruler. Never losse site of your screen, always at your fingertips.

Clip On. Attach device on sleeve/apron for easy viewing and usage during procedures.

Probe Cord, Extension Cord, 2 File Hooks and 3 Lip Hooks

Technical Specifications


The Polaroid NEO Wireless Apex Locator:

Apex Locator, 2 File Hook’s, 3 Lip Hook’s, Probe Cord,
Extension Cord, Calibration Jig, 2 Finger Ruler’s, Stand,
User Manual, and Charging Cable.


Apex Locator:

Operation Voltage: 3.7V Lithium-Polymer

Measurement: Approx. 43 x 46 x 16 mm (24g)


File Hook:

Length: Approx. 200 mm (included hook tip)

Lip Hook:

Length: Approx. 65 mm

Diameter: Approx. 2.15 mm

Extension Cord:

Length: Approx. 60 cm

Probe Cord:

Length: Approx. 70 cm


Measurement: Approx. 43 x 67 x 62 mm (52g)


Warranty = 2-Yr Manufacturer’s Defect Warranty

Remote Support = Free Lifetime Support


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Wireless Apex Locator

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